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About AOPA Pilot Gear
AOPA is a community fueled by its drive to enable flight, inspire the dream of aviation, and propel the growth of its unique lifestyle. AOPA Pilot Gear is an extension of this community, offering gear for every pilot – from those who dream of flying to those who’ve been in the air for years.

We’re not just a shop. Making a purchase from AOPA Pilot Gear supports AOPA’s work to represent your freedom to fly. AOPA champions, grows, and shares the unique and special experience that is flying.

Being an AOPA Pilot puts you at the heart of aviation. If you’d like to join AOPA -- and receive a discount every time you shop at AOPA Pilot Gear – visit aopa.org/membership.

Our community of pilots also gathers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Connect with us there and share your passion for flight.

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